Terms and conditions of payment

These terms and conditions of payment are applicable to all products that we offer on the forum website kinza360.com. In this particular case, the term “products” refers to any form of participation in the forum.

1. Copyright

Third parties are not permitted to use any materials that appear on the forum website kinza360.com without prior approval from the website administration.

2. Payment of participation fees

Payment of participation fees is carried out through the CloudPayments (CloudPayments.ru) service, which is a payment aggregator that supports all widely used payment systems: bank cards, e-money, payment terminals, etc.
Payment of participation fees in the WebMoney system is carried out directly to the WebMoney R-wallet.

3. Payment confirmation time and admission to participation

Payment confirmation usually takes up to 5 minutes. In case of emergency caused by failures in the forum website kinza360.com and/or CloudPayments service performance, payment confirmation may take up to 48 hours.
Payment confirmation in a form of email is purely informative and a mere formality. What guarantees your participation in the forum is successfully completed payment and taking your data into the database (this happens automatically while making transactions through the payanyway service or manually through personal contacts and direct payment if using the aforementioned service is impossible).
If we see that any payments, which are less than the ticket prices displayed on the website main page, appear in our database in some way, we consider them illegitimate and refundable. If the amount of payment is different from the ticket prices (using an official promo code is an exception), this payment is also considered illegitimate and refundable. User who made an illegitimate purchase is not allowed to participate in the Forum. When returning funds after the illegitimate purchase was made, we charge a commission fee – the same amount that we charge if you voluntarily request for repayment (please see the relevant paragraph of the Contract offer).
The website administration reserves the right to deny the participation in the Forum without explanation.

4. Contacts

You can contact us for any query at support@kinza360.com
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Bank full name: AO “ALFA-BANK”, Moscow